The 10 Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

The 10 Consequences of Sleep Deprivation by Bonner Springs, KS sleep expert Dr. Thomas Drake.

Video Transcript

The 10 Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Hello, I’m Dr. Tom Drake and today I would like to talk with you about the consequences of sleep deprivation.

Over 40% of Americans are sleep deprived. Some by choice and others because of some health condition like Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Sleep experts say that the average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep to be fully rested, children require even more. One of the curious things about sleep deprivation is that the more sleep deprived, the more they tend to underestimate the severity of their sleep deprivation. It is kind of like a drunk driver that is thinking they are perfectly able to drive a vehicle. I am going to give you 10 different health issues that occur to one degree or another with people that are sleep deprived. Of course the more sleep deprived a person is than the more significant and greater number of these consequences are going to happen.

  1. Number one is an increase in blood pressure. 37% of people with High Blood Pressure have an issue with sleep.
  2. Number two is an increase risk of heart attack or stroke. People getting 5 hours of sleep or less have a 45% greater risk.
  3. An increase risk of diabetes with 5 hours or less risk is 2.5 times more likely.
  4. Obesity and weight gain because appetite hormones are not produced in balance and sleep deprivation causes over eating.
  5. Increase in stress hormones leads to chronic fatigue, other symptoms on this list.
  6. Sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in thyroid and growth hormones. This means loss of energy and cellular repair.
  7. A suppression of the immune system. Lack of sleep equals getting sick easier.
  8. Especially in older people, sleep deprivation increases the chance of falling by 2-4 times due to the sense of balance being affected.

The last two consequences affect all sleep deprived people and they are serious.

  1. A lower quality of life. This has such broad reaching consequences. We could spend an hour talking about it. A sleep deprived person is going to be operating on less energy and mental capacity which will affect work, play, relationship, etc.
  2. Studies show that not getting enough sleep will lead to an earlier death. Less than 6 hours of sleep has shown a 15-30% greater chance of dying from any cause.

I am sorry to have to give you all this bad news, but I want you all to evaluate your lives and make sure you are putting enough importance on getting a good night’s sleep because your life literally depends on it.